Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bonus Track

So there you have it. A whole year in music. Over 370 albums, in excess of 4,500 tracks and countless hours spent listening, thinking, recalling memories and writing. A real musical journey.

I've listened to songs whilst walking, travelling in the car, on train journeys, in aeroplanes, on mountain tops and valley bottoms, in hotel rooms, tents, camping pods, hostels and B&Bs.

I've plundered the depths of my memories, written and (probably) re-written history, talked nonsense and (hopefully) sense. Sometimes relevant but mostly probably not!

Just as there were some stories that I couldn't shoehorn into a blog about music, there were those that I just about, with a little 'artistic' licence, could. And there were some albums that I've had to leave out. Not because they weren't great but because I just didn't have a story to tell.

On occasion I've had to plan like a military general; ensuring that whilst away from home I've had enough music - the right music - to carry me through the trip. I've squirrelled away notes to make sure that when time was tight that I'd be able to keep up to the commitment; planning accommodation around wi-fi availability.

But it's always been enjoyable. Would I do it again? Probably not. I've got plenty of albums left but I think I've told enough stories for now and there are some that are best kept away from print!

So that's me. Thank you for reading this blog; part lies, part heart, part truth, part garbage.